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Brake & Rotor FAQs

What are the benefits of ceramic brake pads?

Ceramic brake pads, such as AmeriBRAKES, are a great option for any road going vehicle. The advantages of ceramic breaks include secure stopping power,  low brake dust and low noise. Please note that if your car is equipped with "dusty" semi-metallic pads, ceramic pads don't offer as much initial bite at the top of the pedal. Ceramic pads still stop in the same distance as semi-metallic pads, just by using more pedal.  


Are brake rotors sold individually or in pairs?

All brake rotors on our site are sold individually, unless you are purchasing a brake kit, or if a note states otherwise in the product description.


If I purchase Brake Pads will they come as a full set?

The pads we sell come as a set to complete one axle - left and right - whether that be front or rear.


Do I need to change my rotors when doing my break pads?

For optimal performance, it is highly recommended by most manufacturers to replace rotors when replacing brake pads. It is typically difficult for rotors to last two complete sets of pads before getting too thin and warping.