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Essential Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

Essential Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

We are all about our cars. We like driving them, fixing them up, and taking care of repairs ourselves. We were talking the other day about the tools we think are essential to have on hand when doing repairs. There are some basic tools we recommend.

First thing on the list is a socket set with ratchet. This is probably going to be your number one tool you’ll reach for the most. You don’t need anything expensive, just a decent set that is easy for you to work with. Same goes with screwdrivers and pliers. It’s good to have different sizes available but nothing fancy or expensive is required. We like having a Torque wrench too to make sure everything is tightened correctly.

If you are working on brakes or suspension, you’ll need a jack. A floor jack is going to be the most stable choice and the easiest to use. They can be heavy but there are also low-profile floor jacks that that are lighter weight and easier to move around. You’ll also need jack stands. Get the steel stands that can handle the weight.

When a code pops up on your dashboard its super easy to figure out what is going on with a code reading diagnostic tool. They have wired readers that are inexpensive and can show you the code meaning right on the screen. Another type of code readers are scanners. With these you can access the code info via an app on your phone. However, these can be more expensive and complicated, depending upon the scanner you choose.

Lastly, we like keeping handy a telescoping wand with a magnet on the end. This will save you a lot of trouble if you have any dropped screws or bolts that are out of finger reach. You also can’t go wrong with an adjustable head strap with light. Sometimes you just need more light to see what is going on. Having an extra light that also keeps your hands free can be a lifesaver. Even if you look like you are about to go cave exploring while wearing it.

Here’s a handy list of the tools we suggest having.

· Socket Set with Rachet

· Assorted sizes of screwdrivers and pliers

· Torque wrench

· Floor jack

· Jack stands

· Diagnostic code reader or scanner

· Telescoping wand with magnetic end

· Headlamp

As always, enjoy your vehicles and stay safe and well!

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